I’ve been reading updates from Sock Summit for days.  That looked like a lot of fun.  Perhaps if there is a next time, I’ll plan on being there! I finally buckled and created a Twitter account to follow what people are saying about that, among other things. You can see the Twittery stuff on the right hand side of this page.  How interesting (well, I guess it depends on the topic.  How do you like knitting? That is all I can talk about lately.)

I never thought THAT would happen.

At the moment, I’m getting back into the “getting ready for school” haze of terrible tasks to be completed. Errands and doctors appointments and shopping punctuated by tears and fights and kid-sized stress.  It makes me want to cast on a dozen new projects like

Veronik Avery’s Warm Shawl.  Looks soothing…

Adia by Norah Gaughan

and there are always socks.  Twin Oaks by Kate Gilbert. wow.

One I already have on the go, and eager to finish: Viking Socks by Lykkefanten.  If I could get the children to stop shrieking at me (and each other) long enough to count and follow the pattern, I could get these fantastic socks on my feet where they belong.

Wish me luck!