Life happens.  Around here, we were thrown a few curve balls.  We dodged this time.  I will tell you, though, that I will never take health (my own, a loved one’s, anyone’s) for granted again.  Big scary disease processes can snap you out of your complacency very quickly and thoroughly.  He’s fine. So,  I’m fine. I can move forward, and therefore, I can catch up where I left off with this space, knitting, and watching the children grow like weeds.

I just counted up my projects for the last year.  Of the 60 0r so completed, there are 18 pairs of socks.  It somehow seems like it should be a larger number, and at the same time…wow, 18 pairs of socks.  I love them.

We shall call them “Brain Surgery Sox”.  There’s a bunch of stress in those stitches.

I made them ‘not-matchy’ for my good friend who sat with me for 2 days straight and kept me from leaping off the Cliffs of Insanity.

Berroco Sox knit up into the plain sock recipe from Knitting Rules.  I’m so happy that I can churn this from memory now.  Thanks YH!