I took the liberty of making myself a little light box in which to snap some better photographs.  The tutorial is here.

Thank you Darren!

Because I’m a bit slow with scissors (well, a utility knife this go ’round), it took a couple of hours to make it.  I even ironed the fabric for the sides and top.  This is remarkable, since I have only ironed a couple of times in my life (that’s 4 decades now, thank you very much).  I failed to burn myself, which is a bonus.

Here are a few of my photos from the trial session.  I think I need to bump up the lighting.  I am very open to constructive criticism!





Those are a couple of hand dyed yarns (‘berries’ and ‘rainforest’ at top and bottom) with a some socks that I’m working on (another hand dye without a name).  The colors, they make me smile.