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The new year seems to have sucked the life right on out of me.  I have no idea why.  Oh, wait.  Did I just turn 400 40?  Yeah.  That’ll do it.

Did you know that they have an eHow article on how to turn 40?  Seriously! I didn’t follow anyone’s advice on anything.  However, I did take a couple of days ‘to myself’, which is also known as good knitting time and maybe some reading and some video games.  What can I say? I live on the wild side.  I may have hung out with my cats and kids also.  Wooo!

For Valentine’s Day, it is pretty low key around these parts.  I made some Felted Clogs for my honey.  He seems very appreciative, and that makes me think he’s a wise man.   Photos forthcoming.  Right now they are still a bit damp and I am still too lazy.

Here’s a picture of  the throw (Hemlock Ring throw) that I finished.  I tried blocking some pointed edges.  I may have to rethink that.  This is the plain version.

This is the version with cats.