We are back and in action around here.  School is in, and I love me the sound of a school bus in the morning!  We vacationed in the Rockies, visiting friends, playing in the snow, and skiing.  It was truly wonderful.  And it looked like this:

The knitting looked like this:

So, remember way back then?

I finished the autumn colorway socks for my daughter.

She has been the picture of patience.

I cast on for these in September.

I am ashamed.

I also took some crimson sock yarn with me to start a Multnomah.  It didn’t turn out well for me, so I frogged and started a Winter Flame.  It went wonky also, so I decided to let the yarn be something completely different.  It wanted to be a tiny sweater all along.  Who knew?

This pattern is Maile.  I still love both of the above mentioned patterns, and I will try them later with a different yarn.  This one? This yarn was stubborn, but it turned out pretty cute, so you can’t stay mad, right?  Still have to get the right buttons and sew those on, but I feel it’s not a bad sweater for the first try for a sweater.  I was expecting much, much worse.

Last thing.  I found my hands so cold indoors in Utah (-4 degrees F plus windchill outside, darn right it’s cold for this Georgia girl).  I bought some Berroco Vintage in a dusky lilac color and turned it into something for myself.