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It’s been a challenge, getting through this early fall.  There has been the gearing up for halloween, the first school term ending,  plus endless baseball, soccer, and gymnastics.  I’ve managed to knit most of a sock for the mystery sock from Through the Loops.  It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

There has been yarn of other kinds, also, as in more hand painted sock yarn. Click on any picture to enlarge and enjoy the yarny goodness therein.

The first was a request from my elder daughter, very much a patriot, and she calls it ‘independence’.





My younger daughter wanted something that looks like bubblegum, and I combined some bright pink with a medium magenta.  We’ll call this one ‘hubba bubba’.  I’m sure you all have memories like mine from waaaaaay back filled with those particular giant pink, fruity bubbles.





Finally, for me, there is this beauty.  I’m from Georgia.  I’ve always been a BULLDOG.  Now here’s ‘Go DAWGS!’ for everyone’s enjoyment, particularly mine.






The oatmeal, milk, and honey cold process soap turned out beautifully.  I have extremely sensitive, dry skin, so I’ve taken to making soap using the cold process method.  This allows me to choose how much excess fats and oils remain in the bar of soap.  This kind of soap is a natural wonder, with thick, rich lather, just enough scent to be quite pleasant, and this batch has oat particles to provide gentle exfoliation.  My skin has never been happier, and I’m sending a bunch of this hand made soap to my friends and relatives.  I will definitely keep making more in the future.

Some leaves and pumpkins were made with cinnamon instead of oatmeal, just for fun.  They smell incredible.