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Our family had a busy weekend filled with general mayhem, and I’d love to tell you a little about it.

We camped. We fished.

We had quality time together. It looked like this:

And this:

There was no campfire, as there has been no rain for well over a month. We played and talked by lantern-light, and it was still wonderful. There was an attempt made to knit socks by headlamp (yes, like the miners used to wear), but after the 47th dive bomb into my eye by an errant moth, it was put aside.

Yesterday was devoted partially to my husband, who had the day off, and partly to this yarn:

The picture is a bit washed-out, due to the over abundance of sunshine today. However, you can (hopefully) see that I chose to dye some worsted weight wool in chestnuts, deeper browns, and brown-black. I’ve called it Pine Bark, to help me keep it in mind for later. It looks promising, being knitted up into a manly sort of hat for that previously mentioned incredible man I married.

I dyed more chestnut worsted for a project that I wish to start soon.  I’m hoping to make the Hemlock Ring blanket by Jared Flood.  It looks like a lovely knit for cooler weather.

I’ve been making cold process soap today -more about that later- but I wanted to leave off by saying that there was finally rain yesterday. We had a full day of storms.  Squeaker loves it when the windows magically open. I took this picture with my Hipstamatic app for my iPhone. Takes you back to those interestingly colored photos of the good old days, doesn’t it?