Delusional for the new year

Generally, I don’t make resolutions.  I wake up each day and try to do the best I can with what I have at hand, be it time, energy, resources, *help*, etc.  With that being said, I do like to make lists and goals.  With the new year, I get a new Knit Meter, a bunch of yarn for Christmas, more time since the holidays are past… you get the idea. I wanted to make a few new items to wear, and branch out beyond socks, hats, and the occasional baby sweater.  I managed to make myself a nice Tea Leaves cardigan (pictures coming soon). Therefore I got the urge to make something else along those lines.  I found the Woodward.  It’s listed as a coat.  I really like it. It is lovely.  Then I noted that it takes 19 or 20 balls of sock yarn. I’m just not feeling up to that at the moment.

I’ve been knitting plain ribbed socks.  This is not groundbreaking, mentally challenging, or even noteworthy to most.  I like ’em anyway.

Plain ribbed sock, Austermann Step, comfortable and squooshy. I got my lovely “Ocean” yarn thanks to the Loopy Ewe, and the fact that my husband knows how to find things I bookmarked or put in a cart or wishlist for myself. Merry Christmas to me, and thanks Sherri (and hubby)!

I’ve started working on more ribbed socks from the same type of yarn, also a Christmas gift from The Husband. How boring, you say.  Well, we are in the middle of a CROSS COUNTRY MOVE!  And yes, I’m excited. It’s just taking all of my extra energy and mental reserve.  We will be saying goodbye to Shreveport and hello Seattle/Tacoma. Yes, yes, yes.  The move is in just a couple of weeks, and life is crazy right now.  But in a good way.  Happy New Year!


My sacrifice.

I sadly realize that I can’t play along.  As much as I desire to knit up my own Beekeeper’s Quilt (because I think it is an amazing and clever idea), I just don’t have time!  I know it would become an all-consuming obsession for me, and I can’t take that risk with a move in 2 months.

I’ve done the next best thing, in order to soothe my soul.  I’ve offered up some mini-skeins of hand dyed sock yarn.  I hope someone enjoys it, and think of me, packing thousands of boxes, while you knit!


There’s a new project that I am trying to get underway, and it requires a deep green yarn.  I thought that I would try to experiment today and get something that could work.  These results must mean that I’m not in a green frame of mind – looks like the blue dominated the mood and the work space today.

I think the ocean is calling.



My lovely computer crashed and burned for the second time since I got it for Christmas. I lost all of my software, pictures, and documents. Thankfully, we have an online backup, so I’m gathering all of that lost data. Sadly, it doesn’t backup the random software that I’d gathered.

I had been working on patterns in my Intwined software, but suddenly it was all gone. I’m spending the morning trying to recapture whatever creativity I can through the frustration.